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All About Flashlights

Just as discussed in our previous article “Why you need a Flashlight in your Emergency Kit”, Flashlights are often underrated because their wide variety of uses are not properly harnessed. Irrespective of what you do and where you love to go, flashlights constitute an essential part of your tool kit for the effective accomplishment of your daily activities. For example, Avid hikers and trekkers can find useful flashlights with long run times, while mechanics will also require an illumination tool or flashlight that has a high lighting power!

With the advent of smartphones, a lot of people have substituted the need for a separate flashlight in the performance of their activity. What they don’t realize is that flashlights are built to serve with higher illumination power and focused direction than those on the cell phone.

Flashlights last longer and are more reliable as a form of communication and source of self-defense should any emergency occur! In the state of emergency, where your car breaks down, you cannot conveniently hold your phone in your mouth to check for the source of the problem, however, owning a competent flashlight will make the job easier and route you to safety in no time!

SF4400 Pro – Meet the Ultra-Bright, and Ultra-Durable Tactical Flashlight!

Illumination: SF4400 Pro is 30x brighter and strongerthan a normal flashlight. 

Build: Aircraft (Military)-Grade indestructiblebody

Battery power: Rechargeable LI-ion Batteries

Zoom type: Adjustable Zoom

Modes: 5 adjustable light modes for different usagepurposes

Impact: Water-resistant

Here is why you need to get yourself SF4400 Pro

Advanced Led Technology

It is made from the latest technology Cree LED, which makes SF4400 Pro and other types powerful and just right for you.

Steady Brightness

You do not have to worry about replacing it after the usage for a while, thanks to its LED, LENS and reflector which have been thoughtfully constructed, constant brightness is assured.

Better Gripping

Has been specially constructed to ensure that you have optimal grip under all conditions. SF4400 Pro is also slip-resistant!


Even if your toddler handles this flashlight and drops it quote several times, you do not have to be concerned about it. This flashlight has been machined from Aircraft (military) grade anodised aluminium.

Operational Switch

It has 5 separate modes of operation which are: Low, medium, high, strobe and SOS.

Zoom Control

It has an intuitive focus control feature with a satisfying slide action!

There you go! who would not want this type of flashlight in their emergency tool kit or their houses—for the win?

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